Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Pan African designer, Mustafa Hassanali pursues fashion as areligion. Being Tanzania’s premier and most celebrated wedding and evening gown designer. With an A-list clientele,Hassanali is considered a fashion guru.

Mustafa Hassanali, who having showcased in 15 CountriesGlobally in 24 Cities and also named One of Africa’s Top Male Fashion designer by UK’s NEW AFRICAN WOMAN MAGAZINE.

“Usipomeremeta na gauni isispokuwa na mkia, haujavaa Hassanali”

Hassanali will LAUNCH his FIRST ISLAMIC collection @ DAKAR FASHION WEEK, right in the time for the UPCOMING holy Month ofRAMADHAN.
Mustafa Hassanali THIRD showcase inFRANCOPHONIE West African Country and his First show in Dakar, Senegal.

Mustafa Hassanali has been invited to the Tenth DAKAR FASHION WEEK by reknowned designer ADAMA PARIS.

DAKAR becomes Hassanali's 25 City Globally and Senegal The 13African & 16 Country Globally to Showcase His Creation.


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